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Mississippi has a big debate on adapting Common Core in the public school systems, and it becomes more of a reality daily as we approach the adaptation polls. With Mississippi 's outlook, they will be forced to determine whether they support or oppose the decision. For many years, schools have been limited in what they require a student to learn by a certain grade level. While Common Core is not just beneficial to the teachers, it will insure our students all learn the same material at the same grade level. Common Core should be adapted in the state of Mississippi because it will insure us that the next generation coming among us, will be fully prepared for college, workforce development, and ensure every child is learning in school. Mississippi …show more content…

As some students enter college they are not fully prepared as others as they should be because everyone has been taught differently and at a different pace. If Common Core was adopted, it would give all the students in public schools the same opportunity to learn at the same grade level pace. Many people argue that adopting Common Core will bring standards down to their lowest and argue that it would make us take a step backwards. This could be true, but these standards are put in place by the most advanced thinking individuals. According to Common Core State Standards "Common Core raises academic standards in English, and mathematics, providing American students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college and to compete in the global economy"(point 1). Common Core will not only set standards that assist teachers while making effective lesson plans, but it will also allow the teacher more classroom interactive material and engage in the process. According to Common Core in the classroom, lesson plans sequence, questioning, activities, close reading passages, schema, and focus were up to the teacher with guidance from Common Core text selections (Boyd 1). With teachers following Common Core standards that give the teacher tips and guidance on interactive lessons, the teacher will no longer have to stress how they themselves will keep the classroom engaged. These standards will guarantee …show more content…

Adopting Common Core would assure their child is being taught the best curriculum on the market to help their child succeed. Americans spend more money on education than any other developed country in the world. We need to stop wasting money on education that is not fully preparing our children to succeed. Instead we should make sure they make every dollar that is spend worth its while. To save education in Mississippi we have to be open to change that can benefit our state and children 's learning advantage. According to The Common Core Debate "we place a high value on education and the work of parents and godly educators devoted to developing children 's hearts and mind. We cannot afford to be complacent in the debate over whether the top-down, uniform standards proposed by Common Core benefit or hurt our nation 's youth."(1) We have to take the chance to see the change and stop trying to argue over what it will and will not do for our children. Mississippi needs this change to better our youths for the upcoming world ahead that is rapidly growing before our eyes. When parents are given the opportunity where they want to place their child in school is based on the education their child will receive, a lot of people use alternative schools such as Christian schools because they do not think that public school will educate their

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that common core will benefit students by getting them ready for college.
  • Opines that if we leave it up to top countries in producing these standards, we are guaranteed professional learning outcomes in the upcoming generations.
  • Explains that common core is beneficial to mississippi's workforce development. the workkeys test is created by the same makers of the act which test individuals for information, applied mathematics, and language skills.
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