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This essay will discuss the four domains of competencies for registered nurses (Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ], 2012a) and how each competency relates to the practice between a registered nurse, Suzie and her patient, Mr. Brown. Nurse Suzie introduces herself to her patient and discusses the need to assess him while involving him in the care plan. Nurse Suzie asks Mr. Brown how his pain level is and advises she will get him pain relief. As part of the care plan, Nurse Suzie tells Mr. Brown that she will get a health care assistant to help him with showering; and have his bed linen changed while he is up. Nurse Suzie also advises Mr. Brown that she will change the dressing on his surgical wound after he has showered.…show more content…
5). Nurse Suzie discusses with Mr. Brown that she will get a health care assistant to help Mr. Brown with showering himself. Nurse Suzie is using competency 4.1 (NCNZ, 2012a) by working with her patient and the health care assistant, regarding a competent care plan (p. 29). It is assumed that Nurse Suzie also demonstrates competency 4.2 (NCNZ, 2012a) by informing the health care assistant the correct information regarding the plan of care involving the patient (p. 30). Nurse Suzie is exhibiting these competencies by informing both Mr. Brown and the health care assistant relevant information to each that will result in a beneficial outcome. Nurse Suzie is also displaying delegation skills (NCNZ, 2011) as increasing demands on nurses, they are delegating tasks to health care assistants. As health care assistants are not governed by an organisation but are accountable to their employer, the nurse takes responsibility for the decisions she passes on. The nurse must take into account the patients’ health, the involvement of the task and level of experience of the health care assistant. The nurse must also make sure the health care assistant has clear instructions and clarifies that they understand fully (P.…show more content…
Nurses must be able to show awareness while being answerable for the decisions they make that enables patient safety, autonomy and maintains patient well-being (p.4). Nurse Suzie discusses the need to change Mr. Brown 's dressing after his shower. This displays competency 1.1 (NCNZ, 2012a) which relates to nurses using a practice that aligns with regulations set out by regulatory bodies. Also exhibiting familiarity of policies while being professional in the duty of care (p. 9). By making the decision to change the dressing after Mr. Browns shower, Nurse Suzie is showing her plan of care aligns with competency 1.4 (NCNZ, 2012a) as she is using a hygienic approach that minimises risk of contamination as this beneficial to his health by maintaining a clean and dry environment for the surgical wound to heal (p. 12). Nurse Suzie is also displaying conduct from standard 4.1 (NCNZ, 2012b) using relevant experience in assessing patients’ needs and creating an appropriate care plan (p.

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