What Are The Five Macroeconomic Objectives Of South Africa?

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According to Collier & Dollar, (2001) economic growth is normally dependent on the nature and quality of economic policies that a country implements. In South Africa, soon after apartheid the government have tried to wrestle with the multiple objectives which are namely to reduce poverty, increase employment, increase international trade as well as increasing the rate of economic growth. According to Mohr et al, (2015) the macroeconomic objectives are used to assess the performance of the economy. The five macroeconomic objectives that will be discussed in this assignment are firstly the economic growth, full employment, price stability, balance of payments and equitable distribution of income. The assignment will then evaluate each of the objectives of macroeconomic growth and asses where South Africa as a country is performing on each of these respective points.
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The increase in prices is known as inflation. This macroeconomic objective aims at keeping prices as low as possible. Economists normally would like to understand the changes of what is happening in the purchasing power of consumers. The price stability can be measured by looking into the (CPI) which is the index of the prices of representative basket of consumer goods and services. According to StatsSA, (2016) the inflation rate averaged 9.27 percent from 1968 to 2016. Consequently, the report states that the consumer prices index in South Africa increased by 6 percent year-on-year in July of 2016.The economists however, argue that the inflation figure obtained was one of the lowest ever experienced by south Africa due to the fact the cost of electricity and fuel remained constant. This shows that South Africa at the moment is currently doing well; however only because inflation is very dynamic and changes so it can not be guaranteed that it will remain the same
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