What Are Child Abuse?

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In the book They Cage the Animals At Night (Burch) if I recall most of the homes he was in he has been beaten and these scenarios did actually happen. The only reason why he was neglected later in the book is because his mom was not able to take care of Jennings until her neck was healed (because she broke her neck). Also child abuse is reported every ten seconds (classes.dma.ucla.edu/Winter05/154B/anti_violence.pdf‎.)

Harsher punishments should be set on child abusers so children are safer. In order to understand child abuse, we need to learn what is child abuse, where did the parents get this is idea,and why do they beat kids. Then we also need to know how is neglecting a child abuse, what is child abuse’s history, and should they not be able to adopt.

Child abuse is physical maltreatment of a child’s body (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/abuse). Which is the beating of a child with any item or object, for example a belt, fist, stick, and ruler. Federal law calls it impact trauma which I think is another phrase for physical violence (https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/factsheets/whatiscan.cfm). Also it has a form called incest (http://www.ct.gov/dcf/cwp/view.asp?a=2556&Q=316956#Typesofneglect). Besides beating like you heard in the sentence before there are unimaginable ways to do child abuse. Child abuse can be physical but it has a non physical counterpart called neglect. There are other non appropriate versions to. The ones I am talking about deal with bodily functions that are inappropriate for school terms. If you want to know what they are go to www.ct.gov to find out the rest. Those ways might gross that is why they are inappropriate. Also cutting of a is child abuse (http://www.ct.gov/dcf/cwp/view.asp?a=2...

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...56#Typesofneglect). By ignoring them they could still mistreat them physically in neglect like when they have an injury they let stay band aid off and get it infected and does not take them to the doctor. Which could result in a loss of limb please tell me if this an over exaggeration.

This is just an estimate but I think it started in the 1800s it was created. that is what I got from reading The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer. First of all It started in homes Then it became more drastic and went to schools.Luckily nowadays child abuse is illegal.
They should not be able to adopt for many reason. One is that even though they say they have changed they could be lying so they can have a child to beat up. Who knows child abusers may never change and find ways to get a child so they get find ways to torture and beat the living daylight out of them until they are scared.

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