West Indies Yacht Club Analysis

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Brief Introduction

This case is a good example of mistrust, the reason why one group of people has come to not trust another group of people. While being a native of Virgin Gorda Island and working for the West Indies Yacht Club Resort, many natives see expatriate workers come and go. Some of the workers are managers, yet most of them are just temporary workers during the high peak seasons like late December through early July. During the times of working together the employees would become friends, and then the expatriate workers would travel back home after the peak season to never return leaving the natives in mistrust of the expatriates. Besides two totally different cultures not trusting each other, this would cause problems and turmoil to an already troubled West Indies Yacht Club Resort.


Today's business world is a very delicate model and can break down with the slightest of ease. One of the most important aspects of a successful business is a good, strong management team followed by a good, intertwining associate team. The two groups serve, as different operational structures yet need to coincide on a very strict level. For a business's employees to be at arms with each other can create a big problem that happens to be at the prime area of business. This area is the area of direct customer interaction. To not keep the customer happy is to douse oneself with gasoline and proceed to striking a match. This problem brings us back to the introduction of trust and professionalism among workers.

In the West Indies Yacht Club Resort, the firm was encouraged a lot by the local government to post available jobs for natives to come and work, yet the resort was timid in that situation because of strict employment laws once they were hired on. Due to turmoil among native and expatriate workers, senior officials were stuck with several problems: (1) the turnover ratio in managerial positions, the customer complaints, and the culture feud, which was at the center of their little problem. From the beginning of the resort until now, the resort has gone from the elite to mediocre due to growing competition and declining customer satisfaction. The organization of the resort is somewhat systematic although it doesn't have any extreme training programs. None of the managers have had extensive training except for what they had received at other places of business.

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