Were The American Colonists Justified In Declaring Independence Essay

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In 1607, the first British colonists set foot in the Americas in hopes of religious freedom. As the years passed, angry with the British tyrannical rule reaching the Americas, many intelectual men such as Thomas Paine and other colonists proposed changes be made. It was soon understood that the relationship with the British severely impacted the colonists negatively as their taxes and the death toll from their fighting increased. On July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia, delegates from the thirteen American colonies declared themselves independent from Britain through the Declaration of Independence. The colonists were justified in declaring independence from Britain because they wanted a better and more appropriate government, were not in Britain's …show more content…

In mercantilism the mother country in this case, Britain, gained wealth and authority by restricting and controlling the trade of its colonies. Not only did Britain profit from American goods, it prohibited the colonists from trading with other countries, impeding their economic growth. Thomas Paine states, “The phrase parent or mother country hath been jesuitically adopted by the king and his parasites, with a low papiatical design of gaining an unfair bias on the credulous weakness of our minds”(Paine 25). This quote is important because Paine shows how mercantilism and the term “mother country” were favored by the king in an attempt to gain control over the colonists. Also, it shows how the term “mother country” was used to manipulate the colonists into thinking the system of mercantilism was there to benefit them; however, Britain's greed for the abundance of resources in the Americas proved otherwise. Starting in the 1660s, Britain began to increase its control over economic activities in the americas, establishing the Board of Trade, a committee to oversee policy in the empire. In addition, parliament passed the Navigation Acts, ordering all colonial trade had to take place in english ships and trade could only be between Britain and the colonists. This act prohibited the colonists from trading with other countries, in turn hurting their developing economy. The colonists refused to accept these unfair demands and engaged in smuggling. In an attempt to retaliate Parliament put the colonies under direct rule, further fueling the colonists justification in their declare of

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