Welfare Fraud: Betting Against the Odds

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Welfare Fraud: Betting Against the Odds


The issue that I have decided to address is welfare abuse. I propose that due to the government’s lack of foresight, welfare recipients have been cashing EBT benefits at ATM machines in California casino’s.

Research question: Can something be done to ensure that welfare benefits will be used as intended by the recipients?

Readers: Mainly Californian tax payers, but in a broader sense it could be anyone who is concerned about the welfare system, including recipients. This topic addresses the needs of the taxpayers to be informed about what is happening to their tax dollars going into the TANF program. At this time I am focusing on California, but I may include Oregon, or some other states when relevant. This issue explores core values of honesty and integrity.

Review of Literature

My first source of reference is an article that I read in the Los Angeles Times. The article is titled, “Welfare Abuse Review Ordered.” This article went on to describe a current issue in California that affects the taxpayers. For at least eight years now, welfare benefits have been withdrawn from casino ATM machines. It is the unstated warrant in this article that being allowed to cash benefits from casino ATM’s will result in welfare recipients gambling with that money. At this time Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has issued an executive order requiring welfare recipients to promise to use cash benefits as intended for basic subsistence needs only. This led me to research other sources from the LBCC library. I checked out books about the welfare system, welfare reform, casinos, American Indian reservation casinos, and gambling addiction. I found these sources use...

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Working Bibliography

I have chosen to use the MLA style because as a writer I believe that it will be most relevant to my work. I am putting it on the last page to use for my final bibliography when revised and due.

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