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The dawn of a new millennium is upon us and we, the Republican Party, are fully prepared to meet the challenges that await us. This past century, due to the resilience and determination of the American people, our country has experienced more growth and prosperity than any other nation in recorded history. However, dark challenges threaten the moral fiber of this great nation. The past eight years, under Clinton’s leadership, the national government has lacked the fortitude to effectively battle the dangerously extremist trends that have gradually forced their way into the American culture. In order for America to be the great nation it once was, the Republican Party must be in power.

The Republican Party has a vision that will lead America into the 21st Century. This vision is well grounded in the strong American traditions of family, community and faith in God. We believe that the traditional family is the foundation upon which our great nation was built, and we must strive to protect and support this institution.

Our track record in Congress has shown the American people that the Republican Party is able to provide quality leadership. We have addressed important issues such as family values, jobs, education and the welfare of all Americans. We have enacted legislation such as the Defense of Marriage Act to protect the institution of the family from the destructive social forces that threaten its stability.

We have also addressed the issue of welfare by requiring that all able-bodied welfare recipients work for their benefits, thereby lessening the financial burden carried by American taxpayers since welfare recipients are now forced to be more responsible for their own livelihood. Welfare is no longe...

... middle of paper ... decrease after one year if they work less then 20 hours a week. By the second year he/she will be cut from the welfare system. Illegal aliens may only qualify for emergency hospital care. Low-income housing will be provided for welfare recipient for as long as they are receiving benefits; rent fees will be directly deducted from the welfare check.

In order to stop the flow of poverty from one generation to another, we, the Republican Party, believe that school choice is an integral part of getting future generations off welfare. The ability to get education outside of ones’ limited world will insure the development of a responsible adult.

Welfare was designed to help out Americans in need. Although we encourage this view, some recipients have over stayed their welcome and made welfare into a lifestyle. Our goal as a party is to limit those bad apples.

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