Welcome to Paradise

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The deep, blue water splashes calmly today while the sun shines warmly down on this sandy shore in Honolulu. It’s an amazing vista based on the amount of strangers that travel here to escape from their own realities. It’s a place where they can dream about living on one of the many, distant islands. These tropical waters are home to many exotic creatures; most of them cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The plants here are so wild-natured compared to the ones back toward the states; they release an aroma that spreads airborne for miles. Airplane passengers are usually greeted by their fragrances when flying into Honolulu. The ocean water looks refreshing to first-time visitors until it sloshes into their mouths and they make that revolting face due to its salty minerals. There is a beach that I am taking you to where a small, tour boat marina resides on a sandy shore. The tour boats were designed for up to fourteen people. They have a tough, waterproof tarp that shades its passengers from the burning sun. The tour boat business was owned by a man named, Barnaby Coppernickle. He currently doesn’t have a female companion. Recently, he adopted his brother’s son, Benjamin. Benjamin is an eight-year-old that loves his adventurous new home, here in Honolulu. His parents were too caught up in their own lives- to give him any attention. Now, Benjamin is trying to catch up on developing his imagination skills. He wants to play like all of the other, little kids living around him. When Benjamin moved in with his uncle, he was unaware of all of the fabled characters entwined with national holidays. Lately, Barnaby has taught him who Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are. Allowing your children t... ... middle of paper ... ... now considered myths in the rifts of time.” Underneath that paragraph read: Arion - A musician and musical instrument inventor. He was once kidnaped by pirates. They gave him the option to be cast out to sea, or to commit suicide before them. Arion, not leaning toward either choice, requested to sing a swan song before the departure of his life. He played one of his instruments and sung a prayer to Apollo, the god of poetry. The beautiful music gathered all of the nearby dolphins around the pirate ship. When Arion jumped to his death, off of the wooden plank, he landed on the back of a dolphin. The dolphin saved him by escaping the line of cannonballs shot from the pirates. The dolphin carried the musician safely back to Poseidon. Thereafter, the dolphin was honored by Apollo; he was remembered forever in the galaxy, as the constellation of Delphinus.
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