Wedding Culture: The Realised Form Of Wedding Culture

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Wedding cultures from all over the world are constantly changing and many of them have started incorporating and merging a globalised style into the traditional style. In this research, it will mainly be discussing about the culture of white wedding and how it has changed over the past few decades. It will also be illustrating how the idealised form of wedding in the past, has become such of the normative ceremonial structure of contemporary wedding culture.

This research will be conducted with both primary data and secondary data collection. Secondary sources are different articles related to wedding culture found on the multi search of Macquarie University Library. As for primary sources, Macquarie University’s students in the city campus will be asked questions and surveyed relating to the topic of wedding culture. There will be several open ended questions and multiple choice questions
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This text is quite specific in term of talking about the tradition of each wedding and what ceremonies that needs to be done on the wedding day. This part is very useful for this research in term how normative ceremony is created. Furthermore, as mentioned in the article, people expected marriage to be like a European fairytale: it begins with a proposal and on the day of the wedding with a bride wearing the white dress accompanied by a groom dressed in suit. It also will imply living together happily ever after. As for the article of Currie and Dawn H (1993), it also explained how the traditions of white weddings were assumed in specific form. Furthermore, Currie has also explained why has the traditional wedding continue to remain celebrated in this century. However, Currie and Dawn H (1993)’s article, it is quite broad because it do not only talks about wedding but about divorce rate in Canada which is not related to this research
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