Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Weapons of mass destruction are the most powerful weapons ever created. Weapons of mass destruction are a chemical, biological or radioactive weapon capable of causing widespread annihilation. But according to United States law it also fits in many other weapons in to an extremely broad description of weapons. Nuclear weapons are a major crisis in today’s world as seen in the cold war can cause tensions to rise extremely fast and cause the brink of global warfare once again, or even end all wars by exterminating a vast majority of the human race. Nuclear weapons can cause gigantic casualties on a scale never seen before, and the potential to dramatically affect the course of the human race which is a huge threat unique to the past sixty-six years.
While a vast majority of the world is against weapons of mass destruction, a small minority support them. One reason a person or country may support them is because they feel safer with them. But a country with WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) can be seen as a threat. Some may even say that they are a needed deterrent to prevent other countries from attacking them. But countries can be only pushed so far until a mistake is made and in the case of nuclear weapons could cause wide spread devastation and retaliation. These are the main reasons some support WMD’s but just be simply removing WMD’s can prevent most the problems that originated with them.
Weapons of mass destruction cause many high stress problems between countries. One of example of an extremely high stress situation occurred shortly after World War II, the Cold War. After the use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, Russia began researching and mass manufacturing nuclear weapons which...

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...ons have pushed the human race to the brink of the destruction. And other weapons of mass destruction have been used many times breaking international law and many war atrocities have been committed with the use biological weapons and chemical agents. Weapons of mass destruction can and will be the downfall of the human race if this problem is not promptly dealt with in some manner. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.(Albert Einstein) This problem was known years ago upon the invention of modern weapons. Today’s world is a fragile structure of electronic networks, and can be brought down with one ripple and cause world war. Everyone must come together on this issue before that ripple occurs, this is why weapons of this nature need to be dismantled and taken care of promptly and forever.
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