Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The Articles of Confederation was the first written constitution drafted in 1777 and ratified four years later. This was basically a first draft for the United State’s Constitution because it proved to have may flaws and mistakes that cold be corrected. The point of these Articles was to guide the United States and and ease the people that freedom and liberty would remain the same. These Articles basically ensured the states that they would get all the freedom that they can possibly get. States had too much power in certain things and this meant that there was a weak national government in the United States. If the states all could do their own things and run their own governments, who was the leader of it all? No one, is the answer. There was such a weak central authority/government that caused chaos and failure. The states were simply looking for a way to replace the British way of ruling that they were fighting against. This meant that they were quick and hasty about their decisions for these Articles of Confederation. These Articles were put into action at 1781 and reigned for a very brief time as the flaws began to become a large issue that couldn 't be avoided.…show more content…
They were mistrustful of strong national governments and this caused them to leave most of the power in the hands of the states. Every state retained its freedom and independence which meant that there was no union amongst the states. Every state could do what they pleased since they had the power to do so. All these states needed a strong central figure/government that would keep everything in tact and be able to solve problem for all. The Articles of Confederation, of course, could not be this power to keep the states in tact. Weak national governments are never any good because states have to be unified and work together while still having some of the freedom that they so greatly