We Must Confront Bullying As a Nation

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They laugh at me, threatening to beat me. Every time I tell a teacher, he sends me to the guidance counselor. Who then tells me to ignore them. Anyone who has been bullied knows that pretending as if the perpetrator does not exist is virtually impossible. In fact bullying is a serious matter that we as a society must confront and strive to abolish. Since bullying can occur in a variety of ways, one must first understand its nuances to recognize that bullying is taking place and then realize the gravity of bullying.

Bullying affects an entire community of kids. A single student who bullies can have a wide-ranging impact on the students, not only the bully and his or her victim. A single bully can have a wide-ranging impact on the student who observe bullying, and the overall climate of the school and community. Many may think that bullying only involves the bully and the bullied ;however, the effects of bullying extend to a far greater amount of people. “The supporters, onlookers, and defenders of bullying are also affected” (Hazeldon).Witness of bullying also feel that they are in an unsafe environment. They feel fear, guilt, powerless, and are tempted to participate. When bullying continues and a school does not take action, the school develops an environment of fear and disrespect, students have difficulty learning, feel insecure, dislike school, and perceive that teachers and staff have little control and don't care about them(“What effect”).

A bully has many faces. Many have the stereotypes that bullies are big, dumb, and violentboys. If it were actually that easy, kids and adults could identify bullies simply by what they looked likes and do not get in their ways. However, it is not that simple. Not all students who bully...

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...e that bullying is not society’s problem and it just should involve parents and teachers to solve the problem; however, we all have a social responsibility as citizens of the world to prevent and stop bullying.

Bullying is very serious; however, many adults are not aware of severe consequences it has. Kids being bullied are a growing problem all over and most people seem to hide the problem. Many children take their lives because they are bullied. A great amount of children are bullied at schools and an adult or teachers do not know that it is taking place. People need to see that this is a serious problem. Prevention of bullying will help society move forward and help protect kids from this abuse. Anyone can help, if you see someone being bullied tell an adult, every little bit helps. Bringing awareness is a great thing and taking action is even better.
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