Water And Food Insecurity Essay

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According to Australian social work (2013) water and food insecurity is the shortage\overuse of water & food, it consists of critical elements, scarcity, availability, distribution, development etc. According to PLOS one (2016) Over 650 million people worldwide lack access to safe water and food supplies, monitoring and evaluation is being done to overcome the situation.
Key points According to Social work and social policy practice (2013) water scarcity occurs when so much water is withdrawn from lakes, rivers or groundwater that supplies can no longer adequately satisfy all human and ecosystem requirements, resulting in more competition among potential users, such as primary and secondary industries, household consumers and
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Millions of people in low and middle income countries suffer extreme hunger and malnutrition. This is linked with poverty and it results in poorer quantity and quality of diet consumed. Mindfulness must be developed around the requirement for societal adjustment to hydroclimatic imperatives, and sufficiently solid foundations must be created to capture this situation. Situation of societal instability increases chaos and local collapses. The availability of this causes a lot of instability globally, and that can lead to state failure and other consequences for the citizens.
A range of water and food issues and their impact on the poor and ecosystems represent valid situations in which the whole world should try by, all means to alleviate the problem. This global challenge needs us as a whole to overcome it, as we all need water and food at all
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