Waste Management Policy : The Production Of Waste

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The production of waste shows an upward trends in recent years because of the development of economy, the increase of single-person households and the change of the waste resource. Eurostat (2015) shows that waste generation by economic activity and households around 28 contries in EU was 2,514,220,000 tonnes. The amount of waste be generated will over the nature assimilative capacity and will have significant negative external cost. Waste management policies is been used to decide how to control, use and disposal waste. In general, waste management policies could be divided into three types: the control of the waste production, discouragement the act of illegal disposal and fixed external cost in the act of authorised disposal.Waste have five different types to be management, from the best to the waste are prefvention, preparing for re-use, recycling, other recovery and disposal. Recycling is a useful strategy to reduce the raw meterial usage, energy usage and pollution. Policy makers want to use waste management policy to find a point witch is cost minimum and find the balance of recycling and final disposal. In this essay, the waste management policies which are conducive to the use of recycled meterial will be introduced in next two parts. Then, external costs which are can be fixed by the waste management policies will be discussed in the third paragragh. In the final part, the fifth section concludes. From different waste management policies, the use of recycled materials could be promote in two directions. The first way is improving waste collection which is in order to provide available recycled materials in production process. Because there are many recyclable waste been landfilled or incinerated every year. The other w... ... middle of paper ... ...ion, forest destroy, noisy pollution and air pollution. All these pollution will harmful for human health and eco system. These external costs also could be correct with the use of polices which encourage the use of recycled materials. In conclusion, in order to contribute to the use of recycled materials, waste management policies about encourage recyclable waste collection and encourage recycled materials usage both could be applied. For the type of polices, both market based instruments and command and control policies are useful. Waste management policies are dramatically important to build a sustainable development society and increase the quality of life. With the widely use of these policies, some negative externalities (external costs) like pollution and health damage which caused by careless disposal or use of virgin materials could be reduced and correct.
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