Warren G. Harding: Good or Bad?

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“Warren Gamaliel Harding was the 29th president elected to represent the United States of America.” Harding arrived on November 2, 1865, in Blooming Grove, Ohio. He was a follower of the Baptist Church and was the first of eight children. He had six sisters and one brother. One of his six sisters grew up to be in the police force in Washington. His parents, Dr. George Tryon and Phoebe Dickerson Harding, were descendants of pioneer families from English and Dutch backgrounds. They were both well-known doctors. Warren Harding attended Ohio Central College in Irbernia, Ohio. He became the owner of the Marion Star newspaper at the age of nineteen, as well as publisher.
In 1891, Warren G. Harding took Florence Kling DeWolfe to be his wife. Her family did a lot for the community of Marion. They built the house that is known as the “Harding Home and Museum. “Florence Harding was Warren’s inspiration. She gave him helpful criticism to build his career.” Over the next ten years, Harding's business prospered. It was Florence Harding's keen business eye that made it prosper, but also because of "Harding's good-natured manner. His paper became a favorite with Ohio politicians of both parties because of his evenhanded reporting. He never ran a critical story if he could avoid it. His employees also loved and respected him for his willingness to share company profits with them."(Miller Center Editors).
The people of Ohio elected Warren Harding onto the Ohio Senate in 1900 where he served two terms. He was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1903; this in turn began his political career. In the 1910 election for governor, Warren Harding was defeated. The split in the Republican Party was the cause of his loss. “...

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