Warren Harding

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John Dean’s biography, Warren G. Harding, was clearly written to argue past criticism stating that Harding was the worst United States president. He argues that his amazing god given knowledge helped him become the 29th president of the United States of America, not just a befuddled placement to run as the presidential candidate of the Republican Party in 1920. His second major argument is trying to give some of the blame to his cabinet members, because Harding was often chastised for valuing his cabinet members’ view too much. Warren G. Harding starts off with the birth of Harding on November 2, 1865, son of George Tyron Harding and Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson. Harding being the first son, and Harding’s father studying medicine, Harding started shadowing his father who developed his own practice, while steadily working on their family farm. In 1876 Tyron desired ownership of the local newspaper, Caledonia Argus. While working as an apprentice with his father, Harding quickly gained an affinity to the world of journalism. When Harding was fourteen, he began studying at Ohio Central College in Iberia, Ohio in the fall semester of 1879. Harding was fond with the ladies all around Iberia with his stature “already six feet tall, with an olive complexion, blue eyes, and wavy black hair.” (Dean, Print). While at college, Harding roomed with Frank Harris who would gawk at how Warrant would rarely study and pass all of his classes with seemingly ease. Philosophy and Literature were Harding’s favorite subjects, and would constantly be seen reading “the masters of English prose.” With subjects he disliked, he would disregard until it was crunch time for an important test, and he would cram all night with his books until he got it. Whe... ... middle of paper ... ...0 million dollars from the federal government throughout the Veterans Bureau scandal. Another scandal due to Harding’s poor valued appointed officials working under him. It was no one’s fault but his to engage in affairs while married to Florence. He has no one to blame, but solely himself for the affairs. Even though, Carrie Phillips was said to be the prettiest woman in Marion, it gives a man no reason to cheat on his wife. Foolishly Harding was seeing another woman while sneaking around with Carrie while Florence was ill with her floating kidney. Harding deserves his full despise on affair. Affairs and trust issues do not fully qualify Harding as the worst president in history. He came in well liked and died loved. Harding did not receive his bad image until after his death when the affairs and scandals came up. Works Cited Warren G. Harding by John W. Dean

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