War and Nation-Building

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War and Nation-Building The term ‘nation-building’ is often defined as evolution rather than revolution, though it can mean different things to different people. As that reason, nation-building refers to give assistance in the development of governmental basic structure, civil society and economics in a dysfunctional or unstable country in order to increase stability. Therefore, War, which may lead to civil or global confusion, does not promote nation-building. The First and Second War World is good example of showing why war does not. Economy is one of the most important elements on the development of countries, but war always destroys economy. The First and Second War World were the most bloody and destructive military conflicts that affected the world's countries. At the end of the wars, the involved countries like Germany, Italy, Britain, and France and so on, no matter which countries were the defeated nations, their economy had collapsed, and the industrial infrastructure was destroyed. As ...
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