The Influence of War in Shaping the US

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As we are all aware that America was not shaped over night, there were – in fact – certain instances in history that radically determined the shape of our great country. Many things will certainly come to mind, if you simply think about it long enough. The Revolutionary War, may pop into your minds first. Next may come the Civil War. Perhaps the Constitution, or the Founding Fathers? While all of these were detrimental to the formation of America, there is yet another part of history that influenced our country today. This would be the War of 1812. While many simply think of it as a great victory over the British in the climactic finale which is the Battle of New Orleans, the significance lies further beneath the red, white and blue patriotic stories. The War of 1812 redefined our nation’s status in the world, leading into the great blessed country of freedom. Logically; however, if we are to understand why the war changed America, we must first examine the war itself, the reasons behind it, the outcome, and the significance of all. If America had not won – or even declared – the war, we would be living in a completely different world today.

If you ask a common citizen about the War of 1812, you may hear about how the epic and courageous Battle of New Orleans won the war, but then the common citizen would be mistaken. History tells us that the War was actually ended two weeks before the famed battle. The reason this happen will be revealed later. Before the official start of the war, America was governed by President James Madison. He ushered in early republicanism with his views and practices. Preceding the war, Americans were under the constant bullying of the larger European nations, namely England....

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...w Orleans nearly two weeks after the treaty was signed. This ended the war with Britain for good.

The war of 1812 played many key factors in the shaping of our nation. This had been the second time that the young nation had taken on the most powerful country in the world. Outnumbered in ships, munitions, men, supplies and funding, our militia joined with the army and stood toe-to-toe with the British, and twice prevailed. The war was considered to be the ‘Second War of American Independence’, and it all certainly was. Surrounding nations were aghast at the audacity of America, and even more so with their triumph. Because of the war from 1812-1815, the United States of America had earned a position – however small – of power, influence, and respect in the realm of the world. The war strengthened our country, which ultimately led to our great nation today.
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