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The War of 1812 was a clash between the young United States of America and the British Empire. It was the second time these two nations would combat each other over the acceptance of the United States as a nation. This was why the War of 1812 was nicknamed, “The Second War for Independence.” The result of this war would have significant impacts on the two nations involved. The three main results of the War of 1812 were the resolution of impressment, neutral rights at sea, and the restoration of trade between Britain and America. “The Second War for Independence” was the alternate name for the War of 1812. It was created because it was the second time in less than fifty years that saw Great Britain go to war with the United States. Not to mention that the British did not accept America as an independent nation, and decided to treat them as such. The British treated American citizens and soldiers with no respect, which is evident through the British’s use of impressment.
Impressment was known as the main cause for the War of 1812. Impressment was when the British Navy would take American Navy crewmembers and force them to join the British Navy. The ending of the war also meant the ending of impressment. The ending of the war also meant neutrality at sea between the United States and Great Britain. Before the war, Great Britain would have their …show more content…

Before the war, the two nations refused to trade with each other. This was due to the Embargo Act in 1807, which stated that the United States will no longer trade with any country. The Embargo Act was later replaced by the less severe Non-Intercourse Act. This denied trade to Great Britain and France. However, tensions with France would settle leaving the Non-Intercourse Act only effective on the British Empire. After the war however, trade relations were restored and the Non-Intercourse Act was

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