Wanghong Case Study

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Huge Need for Wanghong Economy`s Marketing Regulation Whether you were amused to laugh involuntarily or you thought scorn on Miss Papi`s Funny short videos, which spread like wildfire on nowadays China`s social media, Miss Papi gains herself huge fame as “the first Wanghong in China in 2016” and become the first Wanghong to attract huge investment of 12 million RMB from outside capital companies last month. Who is Miss Papi? Miss Papi is a twenty-three years old graduate student in directing major from Central Drama Academy in Peking. She self-amused to be “a girl with beauty and talent”, and with her less than fifty, original funny short videos, she got 8.59 million fans only in several months in the largest social media platform—Weibo (Chinese Twitter). However, she not only got huge fame and became Wanghong in online network, but also attracted a large amount of dealer`s attentions. Finally, she successfully got the huge investment from several cooperative dealers. What is Wanghong? Wanghong is one of the most popular words in 2015 in China. There was a time that Wanghong was negative word,which derisively describe those instant online famous beauties, who have the similar attractive features, like a tiny face, sharp chin, extraordinarily big eyes…show more content…
Before Wanghong economy become so popular and influential,this new business chain has already caused some crisis of trust. For instance, in 2014, a young girl named Menghan sold unqualified facial masks online resulting in irreparable harm to consumers` skin. Just like this case, there are many suspicious and unqualified products using the popularity of Wanghong came into market and do harm to cunsumers. At the same time, because of the characteristics such as low requirement and commonality for all people of online social media, Wanghong marketing is a new regulation

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