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Two brothers Walt and Roy Disney founded Disney Brothers Cartoon studio on October 16, 1923 in Los Angeles, California. It started when Walt Disney was contracted to write the Alice comedies, which is the foundation of the film Alice in wonderland. After losing his contract Disney needed to create a new character in order to stay in the animation business, and he created Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse soon became the mascot for the Walt Disney Company as they expanded to create a variety of cartoon series such as the steamboat cartoon series, the silly symphonies and Walt Disney’s first animated film Snow White and the seven dwarfs(Smith,2004). Although he continued to flourish in the animation industry Walt Disney dreamed of creating a place where …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that walt and roy disney founded disney brothers cartoon studio in los angeles, california in 1923. they created mickey mouse, the mascot of the walt disney company.
  • Explains marx weber's modernization theory. capitalist societies are viewed as modern due to rapid technological and economic development. traditional societies need to adopt western technologies, institutions, and belief systems to improve their economic conditions.
  • Explains that economic growth benefits all members of society through the industrial revolution that took place in america in 19th century.
  • Explains that access to cash and markets improves conditions for people. the united states stock market allowed investors and the public to play a part in the economic growth of the company.
  • Explains that macroeconomic policies are gender-neutral and benefit all members of the societies. with these policies in place there are room for economic growth or both men and women within the modernized country.
  • Explains that ethnic identities belong to the traditional society and hence create barriers in the course of development. mcdonald's has experienced a rapid global expansion since its creation in 1940.
  • Explains that they will be analyzing the walt disney company's growth through the modernization perspective using secondary analysis. the first is a book entitled power and paradise by cher krause knight.
  • Analyzes how disney has become a global media and entertainment power because of its spiritual journey. cher krause knight argues that disney based the company on spiritual principles that stem from capitalism.
  • Analyzes how knight argues that going to disney is a sort of pilgrimage due to pilgrims going through 3 phases: first they journey away from their homes, secondly they transition at the pilgrimages site and finally they return to society.
  • Analyzes how michaela j. roberts' dissertation, the most powerful mouse in the world, investigates the development of the disney company and its global brand.
  • Explains that disney's brand is positive equity and a leader in the family entertainment industry. disney uses corporate social marketing to build strong emotional connections with their customers.
  • Explains that disney brands translate on a global scale because it remains consistent despite location. the disney way principles are practice throughout all facets of the company.
  • Concludes roberts' dissertation by giving the 3 main principles that make disney a role model for other companies.
  • Analyzes how disney creates personal experiences for each customer and builds a positive reputation and brand equity.
  • Explains that by upgrading its technology systems worldwide, it not only increased the product quality but also introduced developing countries to new technology.
  • Concludes that disney has risen to a global power because of its unique experience and effective branding.

Through this perspective a capitalist society as viewed as modern due to their rapid technological and economic development. Traditional Societies are viewed as underdeveloped due to their inability to keep up with the growing technological advances. The latter countries need to adopt Western technologies, Institutions, and belief systems to improve their economic conditions. There are four main components to modernization theory. The first is economic growth benefits all members of the society. An example of this can be seen through the industrial revolution that took place in America in 19th century. Through the industrial revolution thousands of jobs were created and products could be manufactured at a record time. It also increases the standard of living for the average American by raising wages. Lastly it gave women the opportunity to work outside of matriarch fields such as nursing and teaching. The United States technological transitions through the industrial revolution benefited all members of society through job creation and technological advancement that made it a leading power concerning modern …show more content…

In her dissertation the Most Powerful Mouse in the World Michaela J. Roberts seeks to explore investigates the development of the Disney Company and its global brand. She separates her findings into 3 main components. The overall brand of Disney, how Disney displays that brand on global scale, and why other companies should follow the leadership style set by Disney’s Brand. Through this we see the growth of the brand as well as its transition to a worldwide

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