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Introduction to Walt Disney Company
Disney was founded in October 16th 1923, by the brothers Walt and Roy Disney who were recognised as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and have recognised themselves as a leader in the American industry before changing into live-action film production, television and travel. Today we see Walt Disney Company with an assortment of brands related to different forms of entertainment, within these brands there is the main character a mouse better known to the public as Mickey Mouse. Through the years Walt Disney struggled for success with a number of unpopular characters but his fluke changed course with the introduction of Mickey Mouse. A trademark on Mickey mouse was quickly done so to protect the brand. Mickey was described in his creations as a friendly carefree approach that caught the hearts of people of all ages.
The brand Disney was created on characters and animated topographies, but in 1955 the Disney stretched beyond cartoons and vivacious short stories with the opening of Disneyland. This theme park introduced even more of Disney’s positive relations with more films and animation to also include the experiences. The theme park allow the brand to shape associations through numerous senses and make a commanding impact on consumers’ relations with the brand.
Through the years Disney grew, introducing additional broadcastings such as television, music, live action filming and distributions alongside animated movies and theme parks. The Disney brand value was estimated by the referring firm, in 2010 at being values around $73.5 billion, which is quite a large amount for a brand which started simply with a draught of a mouse.

Brand indentiy
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... declared by Walt Disney himself besides others.
The Disney’s brand personality can be described in five simple words;
1. Magical: this can be related to Disneyland but also to Mickey Mouse or films and cartoons created, from Sleeping Beauty to Pinocchio Disney is the most magical place to be.
2. Childlike: all stories are based on stories which are mostly appealing to children describing innocence and fun.
3. Fantasy: all the masterpieces escape into an alternate world leaving the real one behind for a few hours.
4. Kingdom: Disney gives a sense of belonging to everyone and hence it was described as a kingdom of humanity, with characters, world and monsters in the most fantastic of make believe kingdoms that could ever be built.
5. Fun: the enthusiasm of all the characters is transmitted to the viewer’s making them feel better about the world around them.
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