Waiting For Crazy Horse Analysis

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Eye catching pieces like a giant reflective bean, or a woman holding a torch with a crown, or four men fighting to hoist our nation's flag. Each different place has it's own cultural viewpoints and personal taste. This shows the importance of history especially to Americans. We value our history and try to captivate it in a form that will be visible for ages. The different aspects going into the creation of buildings or monuments is simply put, monumental. To create a monument, the place, the theme and the response should be gauged beforehand to ensure it's building. Humans are inspired by their own doing just as much as they are by nature. Just who and why a statue is memorialized can be a very difficult topic to discuss, as will be discussed using varying sources.

To begin discussing the idea of a memorial, Lawrence Downes', "Waiting for Crazy Horse," it's important to realize what the landscape has to do with the idea of people being remembered. At Mount Rushmore, there are the four heads of presidents who have been memorialized, however, that South Dakota land didn't belong to them. South Dakota was the land of the Indians; this was their home long before ours. That is why a new memorial is being built into the mountain, that of the Sioux leader, Crazy Horse. Throughout the making of Mount Rushmore and even afterwards, tribes …show more content…

The Holocaust is one of the fresher thoughts that comes to our minds when we think of wars in the United States. World War II was one of the most destructive in all of human history. "...a museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust would be built in the United States, who did little to stop the Holocaust from occurring." People were concerned with the opinions of others, since America didn't do much to help, and are now trying to comemorate the

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