Discrimination against Jews

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Are the Jews the most discriminated against race?

Hate is on-going. It seems to find its way into a person’s body. Then it is used to create uneasy situations. This is exactly what has been going on with the Jewish people since the beginning of their creation. Slaves in Egypt, Slaves to the Nazi’s, Slaves to hate. They get no break. Many think that the only huge discrimination act against Jews happened years ago, when World War 2 came to an end, but this isn’t true. From the early time of civilization to now, even the future, the Jews have to deal with being bullied and hated in the world.
The Holocaust: an event that took the lives of 6 million Jewish People is no doubt the biggest genocide and discrimination act in the history of the world. Jews were rounded up, enslaved, and killed in terrible ways. There is no other event in the history of earth that has taken so many lives; purposefully planned in a way meant to do that. Hitler managed to persuade almost his whole country, when he took over the government, that the Jews were the enemy; that they were to blame for Germany being the way it was. The hatred built up and up, until it reached the point where a plan was put into action: Kill the Jews, fix Germany. Synagogues burned, stores burned, lives burned. The Jews were not the only ones targeted, the list included: Gypsies, Disabled people, Gays, Blacks, and Jews. It really is amazing how people can come to such an easy conclusion that a single group of people were responsible for everything bad in their lives. Also during this time, acts against Jews were happening in America. What were they? Small acts in which individuals were targeted. Being Jewish, I had great grandparents who grew up in the time of the Holocaust. I...

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...e answer, considering all of the past recorded acts against them, and the ones happening now, is yes. No matter what, there is always hate for the Jews. There is always a “reason” to blame them for everything bad. It all comes down to greed and ignorance. The ignorant ones are the ones who follow the greedy, and in reality, they are the ones who are making the world a hard place to live in.

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