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Junior English WWII “The world must know what happened, and never forget.” (World War 2) General Eisenhower reflecting upon the world war II, and acknowledging it as a pertinent event in the history of the United States of America. War is war, it is not pretty or humane, but what it is, is a diplomatic way in which to settle disputes and aggressions between countries. By analyzing these wars of the past, the people of the country can learn many things, be it mistakes made by one side, strategy from someone else or battle field etiquette. And it is through this analysis that the human race is able to further itself to not repeat the mistakes made by their ancestors. There are many lessons to be learned from looking at the seeds of, the fighting of, and the fallout of WWII. During the earlier years around four years before the invasion of poland and the beginning of WWII, a man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president in the US. Unfortunate for him he picked one of the hardest times for the president as far as the leading of the peoples goes. This was because the president before him, Herbert Hoover, had brought the country into the largest depression the US had ever known, being labeled the Great Depression, because of his lax economy policies and his wishy-washy decision making. But thankfully through the fast work of FDR, the American economy was able to make a turn for the better. In fact, through his cleverly named 100 day plan he en-stated many acts and special interest groups targeted in returning jobs to Americans and stabilizing the US banking system and American confidence in the bank system. Later on these swift changes came to be known as the New Deal, and the separated into two parts. ... ... middle of paper ... ...b. Although it served to force the Japanese’s hand in surrender as well as a tool in which to tell smaller countries around the world to not mess with the US, when the USSR saw this, they immediately thought we have to have this. And they got it, issuing in the conflict known as the Cold War. Works Cited Hulu - Saints and Soldiers - Watch the Full Feature Film Now. Hulu - Watch Your Favorites. Anytime. For Free. Web. 05 May 2010. . A People and a Nation. Boston, Mass.: Houghton Mifflin, 2008. Print. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 05 May 2010. . Saving Private Ryan. 1998. DVD. World War 2 Timeline 1939-1945 - Worldwar-2.net. Web. 05 May 2010. . World War 2. Web. 05 May 2010. .

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