W. L. Gore Case Analysis

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W. L. Gore Case Analysis Although the name W. L. Gore & Associates may not seem familiar to the ear, in all actuality, its products are some of the most well-known in existence. W. L. Gore is famous for its pioneering work with the polytetrafluoroethylene polymer, which lies as the backbone for many of Gore’s products, including its most famous, Gore-Tex. Founded on January 1, 1958, by the husband and wife team of Bill and Vieve Gore in the basement of their home, W. L. Gore & Associates has expanded internationally to a workforce of over 6,000 associates in 45 locations, with sales volume of over $1.84 billion last fiscal year. For thirty-five straight years the company has enjoyed profitability and constant positive return on equity, and from 1969 to 1989 had a compounded revenue growth rate of over 18 percent. Today, the company’s products can be found everywhere, including the automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, electronic, manufacturing, healthcare, military, and textile industries, with key products such as membrane vents, surgical products, aircraft sealant, outerwear garments. In addition, W. L. Gore & Associates is organized in an very unique and unusual way; there are no ‘bosses’ or set management. Instead, every member of the company is labeled as an ‘associate’ (besides Bob and Vieve Gore, who hold the titles of president and secretary-treasurer, respectively), and it is the responsibility of associates to pursue opportunities and assume responsibility. As of today, W. L. Gore has many opportunities to grasp and threats to prevent approaching in the near future. As W. L. Gore stands as the ’name-brand’ in many industries with its quality reputation and Gore-Tex line, it holds the responsibility to bre... ... middle of paper ... ...uct their own projects, more emphasis should be placed on massive research ventures to create new products to put on the market as soon as possible. Finally, although the unusual organization of Gore has obviously benefited the company in many ways throughout its history, changes should be made to prevent turnover, especially among recently hired associates. Many associates that are lost in the first months after being hired have potential value to the company if more practices were undertaken to help guide them in their first months, at least until they were more comfortable with the unique work environment of Gore. Overall, W. L. Gore & Associates is in a very good position to continue on its current profits streak in the 21st century, and has relatively few problems to deal with in order to ensure that its profitable position will endure for generations to come.
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