Vs. Success: Diverty And Success And Poverty

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To Have Wealth There Is a Long Way, Let Me Start Walking.
Between poverty and success are many steps that people have to overcome to be successful. People who live in poverty have to solve first base things such as food, health, the place to live, and so on. Compered poor people with other people who have base things, poor people have a big challenge to be successful. Living in poverty can affect the way people think, their motivation led to them to lack goals because the see the big way to be successful. They can see their dreams far away and decide to give up before start to do something to change their “destination”. Some people have different point of view of charity. Others support ideas how to help people to overcome poverty and find
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Carnegie said that poverty is not the problem to be successful. He stated, “Poor and restriction are our opportunities in this life” (Carnegie 399). According to Carnegie “The improvement of our race is indiscriminate charity” (400). He also stated, “The main consideration of charity should be to help those who will help themselves” (Carnegie 400). However, even if people want to be successful and work hard, they need help to achieve their dreams. Children who live in poverty are not being able to help themselves. Adults who live in poverty are not being able to cover the necessity of their children. No one can separate children from their parents to help one but no other. They need to cover their necessity first, and then they can work to be successful. They have to left college and find a job. Poverty is more complicated and has many consequences such as depression, lack of goals, illness, and so on. Some people think that poor people are lazy, but who can think when their life lack of many things and affect their conduct. To overcome poverty it is important to fix all aspects in people life, and then they can have the ability to go to a normal life. The government has implemented strategies to reduce poverty. Jung, Cho, and Roberts stated strategies how governments can help poor people and the impact of government can do to reduce poverty (655). In communities when people do not have motivations and goals, they see that life is not making sense. Their days, nights and years passed without meaning. They learned early that life is what they have and believe that they cannot do much different make and effort for change their life. Then, vicious problems became increasing their poverty. The government can reduce mental issues, alcoholism and drug addiction by create a plan to help those people to find a way to be successful and overcome poverty (Jung, Cho, and Roberts 655). The government

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