Stereootyping The Poor Essay: Steretyping The Poor

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Stereotyping the Poor

Poverty is a potential outcome for everyone. It’s sneaky and many people fall victim to it every year. No one believes that they have the potential to fall into debt, but it can happen through a string of bad luck, time running short, and other possibilities that can’t be controlled. People who are struggling with difficulty believe that there is no way out because no one will help them. However, there are ways for us, as a society, to help those who are short on income receive the help that they need. Many of the impoverished are thought to be slackers, addicts, or self-destructive to their lives. Society can help each other by dismembering the stereotypes given to people who are underneath the “Poverty Line” that they used as wedges between the classes. Labels given to those who’re poor have nothing to do with who they are as humans.
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When people hear about poor people, they think of bums who steal and do drugs all the time. Society believes that they steal to avoid paying a few dollars on something that they need. People raise prices on healthier and much needed nutritious foods. The increase of price makes that food out of reach for people who can barely afford a place to live. In the book, Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, by Linda Torado, Barbara Ehrenreich explains that being poor “… means having no privacy, since the boss has the legal right to search your belongs for stolen items” Poor people are on a tight leash and are constantly “… under suspicion of drug use and theft” (2). People who are facing financial hardship can lose their homes if they don’t pay their rent on time. They struggle to live through every week with the right necessities needed to

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