Vitamin C Questionnaire

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Bar graphs representing the number of people’s responses to the questionnaire regarding their knowledge of Vitamin C Findings The majority of the people had a reasonably good knowledge of other fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin C. 80% of the people knew of at least one example of a fruit or vegetable. The answers that were given were correct (Research was done to ensure the results were true). This shows that people’s knowledge of different types of fruit and vegetable that contain Vitamin C is reasonably good regarding only 20% couldn’t name one but the rest could and even some of the people gave 6 examples. Findings The majority (90%) of the people eat their food straight after the food has been cooked. This is excellent result due to the fact that none of the people surpassed 2 hours because the sooner you eat your food, the less amount of nutritional value that will be lost. Findings 80% of the people prepare their vegetables just before they eat which means that the vegetables will exposed to the outside factors for a reduced amount of time. This means that the...

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