Virtuousity And Virtueity

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Happiness is life according to virtues and flourishing while eliminating pleasures and desires. It is very critical to practice living virtuously because this will help you in the process of flourishing. Both virtues and flourishing will lead you to happiness. There are many different positions that I will be considering throughout this essay. I will be talking about the view that happiness is an illusion. I also will go into the hedonistic view of happiness. I will be using some of Aristotle's accounts of happiness to defend my arguments. My argument on what happiness is that it is very important and you will benefit from learning about my arguments. You will benefit from these arguments because it will aid you in process of being happy and living a well fulfilled life. You will learn to flourish and become a virtuous person, overall achieving a happy life. My first premise is in order to achieve happiness, you need to live life according to virtues. Living virtuously will help you in achieving your values in life. Aristotle focuses a lot on the idea of moral excellence. He claims that we were not born with moral excellence, but that we have developed this idea over time. I believe that this is a very good point about virtues. Practicing virtues begins a lot from interacting with others around us. Throughout our lives we learn how to be a good person to others and go through may learning experiences with the people around us. These interactions help us in developing virtues. Virtues will lead us to good healthy relationships with others and treating others the way you would want to be treated. Developing healthy relationships with the people around us will help us in achieving happiness. We need to realize how important living ... ... middle of paper ... to being unhappy. I believe I was successful in establishing and defending my claim. I gave three strong logical premises that support my conclusion. I addressed why we need to live virtuously, why flourishing leads to happiness, and why we need to eliminate pleasures and desires. The objections I considered were the hedonistic view on happiness and the idea that happiness is an illusion. I still disagree with both objections and I still believe happiness is life according to virtue and flourishing. In this paper you learned about how to live virtuously and that when you are participating in virtuous activities you begin to flourish. Virtues and flourishing what happiness is. You also learned that in order to be happy you need to eliminate pleasures and desires. Overall, happiness is life according to virtues and flourishing while eliminating pleasures and desires.

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