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Young girls grow up having the ideology of what love is and how it is achieved. This ideology is formed through the construct of fairytales that immerse young girls lives. But what is it in fairytales that lead to this construct of how love is achieved. In the text Beauty and the Beast by Grimm’s, Little Mermaid by Andersen and Cinderella by Perrault the authors all deal with the same construct on how true love is achieved. The analysis of similarities in these three fairytales is important to understand the correlation of how love is achieved in each story. Each fairytale is interconnected by three main plots; sacrifice, transformation and happily ever after. Sacrifice will be proven through the characters self-sacrifice to find true love. Transformation shows how the characters transform from innocent young girls into beautiful gracious women. Finally, happily ever after will prove that no matter the hardships these characters are exposed to they will strive to the end and get their happily ever after. The main correlation of these fairytales can be proven in relation to their plot and themes. Through the plot one is able to see how all the fairytales use a hidden interconnectedness to tell their stories. The consanguinity is finally seen in the theme of the fairytales which is the ideology how women will given up anything in order to find true love. In order for the young girls to conceive this notion on what love is a girl first needs to make an innocent sacrifice. One must finally ask themselves if finding true love is worth giving up family, yourself and all things deemed important to you just to achieve this happily ever after.
Sacrifice is to give up something for the sake of other considerations. Through Beauty’s, Ariel...

... middle of paper ... common theme, the quest to find true love. This quest is what makes a fairytale the mystical journey that empowers a magical experience. Without this underlying quest to find true love these fairytales would not have a strong impact on the readers. Though it does give a false ideology to young girls on what love is, it is an essential part of growing up to be lost in the magical world of imagination. It is because of the common plot themes used in these fairytales, though some of the small details differ, there are more similarities that show for an underlying interconnectedness. Without this journey of sacrifice, transformation and happily ever after there would not be a world of fairytale and all the magical elements that come with it. Thus it is from these three key elements, sacrifice, transformation and happily ever after that one finds the virtues of love.