Donkeyskin And Cinderella Short Story

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Parents play an important role in a child’s life so it is only natural that these roles are portrayed in fairytales meant for children. This is evident in the tale Donkeyskin by Charles Perrault and Cinderella by the Grim Brothers. The differing roles of the fathers in these tales, along with the similar roles of mothers, establish two different beliefs to impart on a child. Donkeyskin reminds a child that his/her parents love is undying and wants what is best for them; while Cinderella stresses the importance of becoming independent. Both of these beliefs recognize and address a child’s simple desires and fears. In the story of Donkeyskin the father role is portrayed by a king married to a beautiful queen. When the queen falls deathly ill, …show more content…

Donkeyskin and Cinderella are no exceptions. In Cinderella, the message is clear; in order to have a happy, adult life, one must become independent. With a dead mother, a negligent father, and an abusive step-mother and step-sisters, Cinderella has nothing handed to her. Therefore, when the prince holds a festival she seizes on the opportunity to improve her life. She is able to provide her own dress and attends the festival without the help of her family. Throughout her life, Cinderella is forced to do chores and undesirable tasks. As the family continually relies on her, she is able to develop an inner strength and sense of independence that allows her risk betraying her family and attending the festival. In the end, her independence is rewarded by marrying a handsome prince and becoming a princess. Donkeyskin gives the child an important message as well. It reminds and reassures a child that their parents want only what is best for them. Even if the parent may be wrong, their intentions are pure. The father in Donkeyskin expresses his misplaced love for his daughter by giving her elaborate gifts on her request. Even when she disobeys him and runs away, he is overjoyed to see her again. He is pleased to see that she is happy with her newfound …show more content…

In Cinderella, the absence of parents teaches Cinderella that they will not always be there. She must learn to help herself and become independent. Whereas in Donkeyskin, a Kings misguided beliefs force his daughter to run from him, despite his presence. Although the King portrays his love for his deceased wife and daughter in the wrong way his daughter is able to forgive in the end. Although their styles differ, parenting becomes the overriding theme in both fairytales. Parents are usually the most important figures in a young child lives. That’s why children can so easily relate to

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how parents play an important role in a child's life, which is evident in the tales donkeyskin by charles perrault and cinderella by the grim brothers.
  • Analyzes how the father in donkeyskin is portrayed by the king married to a beautiful queen. the only woman he can find that surpasses his late wife's beauty is his daughter.
  • Analyzes bettelheim's paper on the psychological reason why most fairytales begin with the death of a parental figure. the protagonists in both donkeyskin and cinderella have happy endings.
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