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Music and art, the feelings that go through a person while the music of Mozart and Beethoven are playing, are indescribable. Listening to music can take a person away to a different era. Music like Mozart or Beethoven can really take a person's imagination soaring in a whole new perspective. Composers throughout the novel, Violin were Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. Violin was a truly fabulous name for this story. It contains many fantastic elements as well as realistic elements; however, it should not be confused with magical realism. Violin copy written in 1997 by Anne Rice. She has written several novels that were imaginary and fantastic. The novels that Anne Rice has written have that kind of effect on a person while reading her novels.

During the story, the unreal elements of the story started with the fact that she kept her husband with her after he had been passed away for several days. The unreal elements of this situation is that anybody in her right mind wouldn't keep a dead body in the house with her and not tell anybody that he was dead. In a matter of time, the body would start to smell and start to rot.

One of the unreal elements that are in the story was the man standing outside playing the violin. The man would stand in the light of the lamppost in the alley and play the violin. Watching the man playing the violin through the window made the main character think that she was dreaming.

Listening to the music during the course of this type of emotional state that she was in made her stay calm and find herself in a type of dreamland. The music would take her somewhere else besides reality. Music can take a person elsewhere, in the future, in the past, and in la la land. Even though music can b...

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...gical realism is in the fact that the woman didn't want to give up her husband and face reality. She kept him as long as she could to her self until she had to give him up. Grief happens this way in the real world. The family members do not want to give up the family member who has passed away. The magic was in the story; fantastic was also here in the story. Also, the music by Mozart and Beethoven can really take a person's imagination soaring in a whole new perspective. The Violin has suspense and excitement' the anticipation of the happenings during the story was uneventful.

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