Violence Sports Is An Important Causes Of Violence In Sports

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Violence Sports
Sport becomes an important part in our lives, either by practicing or watching it. Sport can be classified to many kinds; such as extreme sport which leads to increase the adrenaline level and face the fear like snowboarding, skydiving, scuba diving, and mountain biking etc. The other kind of sport is more compete and excite, it can be practiced individually or in team for example ball games, Olympic sports, and athletic sports. In fact, the reason behind sports is teaching people how to control their anger and accept whatever results they obtain lose or win. Moreover, sports consider to be a healthy way to safe our bodies from certain diseases. However, what if the sport goes far away from its nice picture, like becomes more violent. Certainly, that is already exists in many violence sports where these kinds of sports lose their fundamental objectives and can be fatal or cause serious injuries.
Violence sports are engaging disrespectful behaviors toward opponents and participants by seeking victory above the respect of competing. These day, winning has become everything and the main target of athletes. Although soccer is not very violent in the field comparison with other sports such as hockey, wrestling, boxing, off the field there is so much violence surrounding its environment. Sometimes people fight and even kill other people for their supporting the other team; in 1995 Eric Cantona attacked one of the supporters; by Kun Fu kicking, after he had been red- carded by referee. It was one of the popular aggressive violent reactions, but it wasn’t a surprise because this player was known for his aggressiveness in the field, and he would do whatever to make his team won the game.
On the other hand wrestling, altho...

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... symptoms such as headaches and difficulty reading 4 to 14 years after retiring from professional hockey (Jeffrey et al., 2013). In hockey, players have a high risk of getting a concussion due to the way that a player goes so fast in ice than any other surface that makes injuries and hits hard to avoid. Hockey players have broken up their backs, necks, and other parts of their bodies. Despite that, there are fights on the ice where the referee only stop if one of the players falls to the ground. It is one of the most violence sports, which can cause serious injuries for players.
Violence is not the idea that sports are meant to do anything with. For some people sport is more like a job, or to feed their hunger of wining or competing. However, sports that include aggressiveness are becoming more popular, as they show more sense of entertainments to some audience.
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