Violence And Literature: The Effects Of Violence In Literature

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Violence in Literature

Have you ever wondered if literature has an effect on people that read it? Well I believe it does, and violence in literature has a negative effect on the people who allow themselves to be susceptible to it. People who read violent literature, or see violent media are more likely to break laws and commit horrible deeds and may even go so far as murdering someone. There has been so much violence in this world already, which is why I don’t understand why authors of books, tv shows and movies continue to write graphic, aggressive events that seem realistic. All that is doing is giving ideas about committing violent acts to emotionally unstable individuals.
“In many respects, twentieth century defined itself by reflecting the prevalent violence of modern society from the destruction of large-scale of murder, rape and abuse” (“Violence in literature- Introduction” Authors learned this trend, to add violence in their literature,
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Authors tend to use violence to make their works of literature more appealing to the readers. It has been examined for many years and by several philosophers, but its exact character and the reasoning behind it is still questioned. It is proven that children learn from what they are exposed to and that if they read or watch violent material, they may eventually develop a negative persona. Violence today is very widespread and needs to be acknowledged as a major issue for everyone. There are many incidents where violence in literature has affected individuals in a negative way. It has affected their thought process and made horrific acts seem intriguing to the point where they want and do, in some cases, participant in carrying out ferocious acts. The violence in literature should be minimized and replaced with more influential topics that reflect on a more positive impact on
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