Violent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones

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Violent Media is Good for Kids, by Gerard Jones, is an article which makes many claims to support the argument in which a controlled amount of violence could be beneficial for a young, developing child. Even though the topic of this article can be controversial, the claims serve to support the argument in many noteworthy ways. It is written in such a way that it tells a story, starting when the author was a child and works its way to his adulthood. In this case the author uses, what I believe to be just the correct amount of each rhetorical strategy, and fulfills his goal for writing the article. This argument is interesting and at the same time, effective. Throughout the analyzing process logos, ethos, and pathos are searched for and scrutinized.…show more content…
Granted, Jones seems to use only one source for his article, that does not necessarily mean he does not state any evidence or logos. This whole article is Jones’s evidence and the source is himself, because the article is a story of the author’s involvement with violent media. Jones had no need to research information when he had all the knowledge on the topic, by this time, from his own life. Jones starts by recalling events as a child, where his parents did not wish for him to be exposed to the violence in the 1960s and secluded him from pop culture (Jones para. 1). He is giving readers background information, that eventually builds up into how he knows so much on the topic. As a child, he yearned for anything to get him out of all his disbelief and sorrow when he was trapped in a small school, which seemed unusual for him (Jones para. 1). He uses his childhood latter on in life, as logos to support his claims. The statements made do provide evidence that he is correct to believe that a lack of violent media could deprive a young child. Later on in his childhood, he recalls, “The character who caught me, and freed me, was the Hulk” (Jones para. 4). This provides logical evidence that proves that once he had been exposed to a moderate amount of violence, he was
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