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Veterinarians The topic I chose was veterinarians. What is a vet (short for veterinarian)? “Vets are animal doctors” says Dee Ready. They care for sick animals. “Just as people visit the doctor when they are sick, animals need help of doctors too” says Betsy Imershein. What do veterinarians do? The vet may operate, fix a broken bone or give an animal a shot. Whatever is wrong with an animal is what the vet has to do. There are different kinds of vets. Some care for pets. This includes dogs, cats, birds and things of that nature. Others care for farm animals. This includes cows, pigs, goats, sheep, horses or other things you would find on a farm. “The large animal vet makes house calls” says Rod Bellville and Cheryl Walt Bellville and they also said that “large animals vets frequently vaccinate small animals during a farm visit.” Other vets work at the zoo and they never know what they have to work on, like lions, tigers and monkeys. What do veterinarians wear? When they are in a lab, they wear lab coats. When they are on a farm, they wear coveralls and tall rubber boots, according to what environment they are in decides. What tools do veterinarians use? They use the same type as human doctors but made for animals like a stethoscope and syringes. &nbs...
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