Verbal Abuse On Young Age Children

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Verbal Abuse in Young Age Children: The Psychological Effects of Vernal Abuse Remain from Childhood to Adulthood. We are living in the rapidly developing world where multitasking is an unavoidable act. We spend most of out time to learn, and to work. Pamela Druckerman, an American book writer who is working at home said, “I feel like doing two jobs at the same time while I am working at home with kids.” Especially with parents, active kids can drive their parent crazy. For stubborn children, some families believe that scolding is necessity to correct their behaviors, and to keep the children learning knowledge and skills. The phrase “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a famous proverb, which means if parents refuse to punishment an unruly child, that child will become a spoiled man. But not all parents know how to properly punish their children. Usually, after the improper actions of the child, parents scold or yell at the child first. There are many opposite point of views about verbal abuse on the young age. But, based on some practical experiments, and research, scolded children have more psychological impacts and subsequent psychological damages than physical abuse. How common is verbal abuse? In an experiment of University of New Hampshire, the experiment’s population of three thousand pairs of parents, after showed examples of verbal abusive cases, more than sixty-three percent of parents realized that they have psychological abused their children more than one time (Vardigan). Based on the studies of World Health Organization (WHO) in selected countries in South America, 75% of 1525 Chilean kids asked are having some experiences with psychological abuse from their parents. In Uruguay, between 1100 households,... ... middle of paper ... ...method, French parents create closer relationship between them and their kids. This relationship is necessity to the child feel safe to confide to their parent. More over, parents can detect early the difficulties of their child, so they can easily help them get over it (Drukerman). In conclusion, verbal abuse is becoming a major problem in today’s society. Verbal abuse can take place at home, and school. I think that verbal abuse can be stopped very easily because adults are responsible for this problem. When adults scold children, they not only hurt the children directly, but they also hurt themselves as well. When you express anger, you are also losing your ability of resiliency to stress. Verbal abuse heavily affects mental of children; its consequences remain in the rest of their life. Because of its harmful effects, please do not use them on kids.
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