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When we put food in our stomach, we have a choice, to hurt or help our body. Why not make the next meal a healthy one? Yes, there are many restaurants to enjoy in Corvallis, but few that offer a nutritional menu that leaves us wanting more. There is a hidden restaurant behind Circle K a convenience store on Monroe Avenue that looks more like a house or community center than a restaurant. Located at 109 N.W. 15th Street is a wonderful place to eat called Nearly Normal’s. This is one of the finest choices to purchase a meal in Corvallis. We will examine the experience at this vegetarian restaurant focusing on the style of atmosphere, service, food quality and cleanliness. Nearly Normal’s is a vegetarian restaurant established in 1979, co-owned…show more content…
The method of allowing the customer to request food before being seated, expedites the food to the customer’s stomach. No more being seated, than waiting twenty minutes for a server to up sale us an appetizer. By not having a server allows private dining and avoids any interruptions. The lack of interruptions provides a great place to have a conversation with someone that may require more privacy than other establishments provide. Behind the counter is an employee that serves as the bartender, waiter and sometimes cooks the…show more content…
I prefer the upstairs seating due to the two tables perfect for an intimate eating experience with a loved one. My favorite of the two is the booth that faces a support beam, it separates the customers from the rest of the upstairs patrons. The other table has one long bench made from a single tree and faces the customers toward a window. The menu is full of imaginative vegetarian dishes with creative names such as Oh My Gado Gado or the Nearly Nasty Burrito. Their burrito is made delicious without meat with just beans and a shell by adding a few peppers and some spices. They often have a daily special that actually changes each day, adding true variety to their menu. Large selections of beverages are available. Orange or grapefruit juice is freshly squeezed directly upon order. A customer favorite is the Chilly Willy, an icy blend of lemonade and fruit smoothie. No concentrates or processed juices, remove the unneeded added sugars. Cocktails such as margaritas are available, removing the need to drift into a nearby dance club to take the edge off of the day’s stresses. If the cost of eating out is a concern, a daily discounted entrée is available for fewer than five dollars. None of the dinner plates cost over $10.75. I make a habit of dining at Nearly Normal’s on Mondays to enjoy the $5 Nearly Nasty Burrito, saving

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