Utilitarianism: Foucault, Guenther And Camus

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We have Foucault, Guenther, and Camus and going to be talking in the perspective of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is defined as the morality of an act as judged by its utility, the greatest utility that it has for the most people. The greatest usefulness and act has for the most people. If I commit an act and it benefits a lot of people, if it has great utility for a lot of people, the most people, then it’s a good act. Utilitarianism has three parts one is only the consequences matter, two pleasure/happiness should be maximized, and three each person counts (impartiality). Utilitarianism is not ethical egoism because utilitarian seek the happiness of everyone, not just oneself.
Foucault as a utilitarian would say punishment could be justified.

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