Using the Internet as a Medium for Art

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Using the Internet as a Medium for Art

“ This is my space, this is my world. I can express how I feel and what I believe, it’s a different type of freedom.”(1) This quote could speak of so many places in a creative world; a university, a gallery, a bedroom, a studio, and so many others that people commonly associate with artistic space however it refers to none of these and all of these at once. I am talking about the web. The web is a new space and like all technology pushed to its limits by artists. This essay will discuss the impact that new technologies have had on the young and emerging visual artist. In particular this essay will focus on the advantages that the internet as a medium has had over a new generation of artists that are coming into being. Starting with the tools that have been developed to create works and early examples of ‘net art.’ The essay shall also move on to websites being a new genre of art onto themselves. I shall show examples of websites that explore the many possibilities and capabilities that this new ‘web art’ genre has created and how people have exploited them to great advantage. Looking at browser based art that has been created for and only exists within the confines of a browser window. The essay shall end exploring how websites are also a medium for artists young and old, new media and traditional to deliver their work to a new audience not accessible to them before internet technology became a household standard.

As stated in the introduction, many, if not all technologies are used by artists and pushed to its limits. The internet is no exception. Originally developed for and by the US Department of Defense in 1969 it quickly grew from 3 computers to hundreds and then thousand...

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History of the Internet- Where did the Internet come from

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