Using Video Games in Education

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Video games are often times an overlooked manner in which children could utilize in an educational setting. Often time’s educators only look at the negative aspects that are associated with video games, rather than focusing on the positive aspects that could be utilized in a classroom. By looking at the more positive aspects, educators could learn that implanting video games into a classroom might have a positive effect on children and the manner in which they are able to learn. Video games would be able to allow children to have a more interactive manner in which to learn and could be implemented in the classroom almost effortlessly. Video games are an untapped source when it comes to education and if implemented could allow for children to learn in a new and exciting manner.
The first point to look at in terms of whether or not video games would be good to implement in the classroom are the positive and negative aspects it could have in the classroom. There are many aspects that a video game can have on an individual, especially a child. What educators fail to notice when looking at these aspects is that there are many positives to be seen. One positive is the ability for a video game to allow a player to achieve goals that have been placed strategically throughout the game by designers (Squire 49-50). By playing a game, the player has the ability to foster a new environment, and this ability can and should be looked at by educators in a manner in which they can manipulate a game and aid students to learn in a different manner.
A second positive is the interaction, or possibility for interaction among players (Squire 50-51). This is a positive, because it would allow children to interact with others not only in their classroom...

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...ssibility to incorporate video games into the classroom.
Video games have been given a bad reputation due to their sometimes violent nature. However, what are often times overlooked are the video games that exist which are more educational. As educators become more familiar with the options that are available, it could lead to video games being looked at much more seriously. As we have already learned, video games are able to be a positive aspect on a child’s educational experience. This was because it helps to keep their attention which could help to improve grades and test scores is utilized appropriately. Educators ultimately need to become more willing to allow these tools to be used in the classroom, and use them for their advantage. Rather than believing that video games are a bad influence for children, they should be looked at as a positive learning tool.
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