Using Media to Advocate and Influence

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Media campaign is used to influence behavior of a target audience or to influence public policies. There are two types of media campaign namely; social marketing and media advocacy. Social marketing uses conventional advocating methods to influence behaviors. Media advocacy entails the use media attraction to affect pressing issues in the society. The steps to be taken when developing media campaign are: determine your objectives, determine and analyze your audience, develop your message and result, talk to the media, evaluation and monitoring the campaign progress. Step 1-Determine your objectives: To run a successful media campaign, distinctive media strategy that will accord the objectives of the campaign must be observed. This strategy can be in form of analyzing readily available resources that are channeled toward influencing the media. That is, methods that can be applied, which will allow policy objectives to be dispatched through media. This strategy enables media advocators to analyze and marginalized their target audience from the mass population. Step 2-Determine and study your audience: When focusing on the target audience, the behavior to be influenced or the public policy to be influenced must be of highest priority. Furthermore, being able to determine the characteristics of these target audiences is crucial. Characteristics such as: location, age, gender, religion, political affiliation, cultural affiliation, level of education and so on. To develop a better relationship with audiences, it is essential to predetermined whom they trust, their preferred media, and their acumen on the pressing issue. Being able to determine their preferred media sources will dictate the media choice to be used for message ... ... middle of paper ... to communicate and advocate for health and health education. The subdivision of this responsibility correlates with all the steps involved in building a media campaign for advocacy and policy changes. Overall, if all these steps are followed, a successful media campaign can be achieved. Work cited CFOC. (2008). Developing your own media campaign. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from: Contra Costa Health Services. (2013). Preventing Chronic Disease: Launching a media campaign. The Community Wellness & Prevention Program, Retrieved March 7, 2014 from: Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE). (2010). Responsibilities and competencies. Retrieved March 7, 2014 from:

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