Using Animals in Research and Experimentation

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Animals should be used for research and Experimentation because if the animals get sick or show any signs of acting abnormal then the scientists know it isn’t safe for humans to use. Animal research has played a big role in nearly every medical breakthrough over the last decade. Animals have the same organ system that perform the same task, which helps determine if what is being tested is safe for humans to use. Most of the medicines animals use the same medicine as humans like antibiotics, pain killers, and many more this helps to see if the medicine cures the animals without any harmful consequences then it would be safe and useful for humans to use.
Using animals for research and experimentation has led to cancer survival rates to continue to rise. Using animals for research and experimentation has helped the survival rates rise to many other different sicknesses and diseases. People who suffer from diabetes rely on insulin that was developed through experiments in rabbits and dogs.
Animals that are commonly known as pets like dogs, and cats altogether account for less than 0.2% of research animals. Most of the research and experiments are done on mice, rats, fish, and birds animals that are not commonly known as pets. Animals usually end up killing more animals every week than what the tests and experiments kill every year.
All research and experiments must be approved before being able to conduct the tests and before the experiments can be started. The UK has some of the highest standards of laboratory welfare in the world. There is legal requirements that limit the number of animals that can be used for testing. Animal research can only be done in the UK where there is no suitable non- animal alternative. “Animal rese...

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... to realize that doing the tests can save many lives and can help make everyday life for some people easier. Animal testing has a lot of benefits but people argue that and say all it does is hurt animals. I believe animal testing should be continued to help with everyday problems.

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