Use of Thematic Images in The Tempest

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Caroline F.E. Spurgeon says that an image "is a description or an idea, which by comparison or analogy, stated or understood, with something else, transmits to us through the emotions and associations it amuses, something of the 'wholeness', the depth and richness of the way the writer views, conceives or has felt what he is telling us." Images not only show emotion and give associations, but they can also give the reader a better understanding of a theme. Thematic imagery connects to the underlining message in a work. Throughout Shakespeare's play, The Tempest, one can see the many instances where thematic imagery was used. The thematic images of sound, sleep and dreaming, and water all make it easier for the reader to comprehend the many complex themes that are evident in The Tempest. Throughout the story of The Tempest, images of sound stand out, each connected to an underlining theme of the play. Many of these appear in Act II, scene ii, as Caliban talks to Trinculo and Stephano of the noises surrounding them in th...
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