Urban Deisgn

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Urban design continues to exist in our everyday lives. The elegance of buildings and their architectural structure stand out in cities competing to show their uniqueness and radiance. Not every urban design can show off their styles. The buildings people pass by in every day urban areas manage to connect with people. The urban design has different forms; it can be either contemporary or futuristic. It is interesting to investigate about just how futuristic can a design be and how acceptable it can become to the public. In other words, the adaptation of the urban design is a critical challenge to how well the architectural creation can survive the judgments and the modern conception in the society regarding the constructions.

So how is urban design approached? According to the Wikipedia and UrbanDeisgn.org definition, urban design involves the arrangement of buildings, public spaces, and transportation systems. It also contains the design and coordination of all that makes up cities and towns: buildings, public spaces, streets, transports, and landscape. Urban design intertwines together these elements into a coherent, organized design structure. Plus, the urban design structure defines the urban form and the building form. In other words, it gives forms, shape, and character to buildings, to whole neighborhoods, and the city. It puts elements into network of streets, squares and blocks in an ordered manner. Urban design is approached in a way that it connects to people and places, especially the public. There can be many approaches to urban design, such as sustainable approach, city approach, or place-making approach. Similar to Donald Watson, an architect that specializes at EarthRise design, a design that engages people in a d...

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