Untimely Death

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Untimely Death

Death, is it okay to let a suffering person die, or should doctors give them a lethal

injection to end their suffering? Many people have different views on this situation, but I believe

that it is the patients decision because the patient knows how much pain they are in, and if they

can not take it any longer. In the essay "Active and Passive Euthanasia" James Rachels wrote

that he thinks that it is a better choice morally to withdraw life support, and let a person die,

rather than ending a persons life through other means.

I do not believe that if a patient is about to die, and that patient makes a request to

withhold treatment that the doctor should withhold it. To me that is going to make the patient

suffer even more than he already is, so I believe that the doctor should either continue giving the

patient their treatment, or ask if they would like to have their life terminated with a lethal


I also believe that the patients immediate family should have a say in what happens.

Let's say that the patient has been in a coma for several months, and the only thing that is

keeping the patient alive is a life support system, then the family should have the choice on if

they want the patient to live or die. I also believe that the family should choose, if the patient is

alive, but he is going through tremendous suffering, and if the patient is aware of thing, but isn't

responding to the things around him.

I believe that withholding treatment from a patient is wrong, because in a way that is like

slowly murdering that person. If you withhold treatment from a patient they are going to go

through probably more pain or sufferi...

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think that it is wrong to withhold treatment from a patient, and make the patient suffer even

more. I also think that it is wrong to let a newborn baby wither to die, because that child should

have a chance to live, and to be all it can be. In the long run I think that doctor's should do what

is morally right, and let the suffering patient keep receiving treatments, until they die, but

sometimes it is too much for the patient to take, and so I believe that it is the patients choice. I

disagree with James Rachels essay, because I think that it is kind of like a cruel and unusual

punishment to withdraw treatments from a patient. I believe that if a patient is ready to die that

their treatment should not be withheld, the doctor's should either keep giving the patient

treatments, or take other measures to end the patients life.
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