Euthanasia Essay

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What is Euthanasia? Euthanasia is ending the life of a person deliberately to relieve their pain. It usually happens when a person is terminally ill or is suffering from a lot of pain and there is no other option to relieve the pain. Most of the time it is due to the person’s own request but sometimes it is done when the person cannot speak for itself and the family members have to decide for them. Euthanasia is really not a bad thing and it should be legalized in my opinion. Forms of Euthanasia: Euthanasia comes in different forms some of them are discussed below: • Active and Passive Euthanasia In active euthanasia a person deliberately causes the patient to die where as in passive euthanasia they don’t really take the patient’s life they just let them die. Passive Euthanasia can be done by two ways: o Withdrawing Treatment, where like you stop the machine which is keeping the person alive or o Withholding Treatment, where you do not perform the procedure which could extend the patient’s life. • Voluntary and Involuntary Euthanasia: Voluntary is when the person decides on its own that he/she wants his life to end. On the other hand, involuntary euthanasia is when the person is unable to decide for himself and so someone else, someone close decides for them. • Indirect Euthanasia: Indirect Euthanasia is providing such drugs which speed up the patient’s death. • Assisted suicide This usually refers to cases where the person who is going to die needs help to kill them and asks for it. It can be simply providing drugs to that person. What People is favor of Euthanasia say: The life of a person is their own will. It is a private matter and nobody except that person has any right to decide whether it should be allowed or not! You ca... ... middle of paper ... ... about Pakistan, where I live there very less hospitals at the moment which provide proper care to patients and if the hospital beds would be full of such patients then other people whose diseases can be cured would not be treated properly. These hospitals are very expensive. Most of the people over here cannot afford this much money to bear the cost of such expensive treatments which can keep them alive till their time comes. There are no palliative care specialists in this country nor is the government in support of anything like this till now! If there is no proper palliative care in this country then at least euthanasia should be allowed so that the people don’t suffer this much. They deserve to die peacefully. Euthanasia should be allowed and only granted after the consult of at least two doctors after which the patient should be allowed to terminate his life.

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