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University Fund Donor Thank You Welcome donors, faculty, staff, and honored students, As she mentioned my name is John Smith and I'm one of the recipients of a Scholarship, which is directed toward students that major in the natural sciences and engineering. I wanted to give this speech today to let all of the donors know how grateful the university and especially all the students are for your contributions, and also to see some of the faces behind the scholarships. First I want to give some back ground on my-self and tell why I decided to come to this school. I'm originally from a small suburban town far, far away. I went to a small Catholic school on the Jersey coast, where I was a student leader and very active in my academics and sports. I decided to attend the University for many reasons. One of them being that it is a relatively small school, as my high school was and during my campus tour when I was still a high school senior, the entire campus was warm and inviting. Just about everyone I saw said hello, even if they were just a student that stopped to say hi, they would talk to me and answer any questions we had, the entire campus seemed like a tight nit family; nobody seemed to be excluded, which is true. It makes everyone feel welcome and that they are wanted. Now I am a sophomore Sports Medicine major with a double minor in biology and chemistry and a Pre-med focus, that's quite a mouthful. I am a more traditional student than her, meaning that I was fortunate enough to come directly from high school to college; I live on campus and take 15 or more credits per semester. I am actively involved with the campus; I'm the Student Activities Council President, hold a position in Student Government, and belong to a fraternity here on campus. I also worked for our director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, calling alumni, friends of the university and possibly some of you, trying to raise money for the university. These leadership positions will help me grow intellectually and mature as I continue my college career. My aspirations after graduation are to attend a highly accredited medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon in a hospital in this region. I have always been intrigued by the human body, and been compassionate towards those that can't help themselves, and ever since I came here, I have feel in love with the area and couldn't imagine myself being anywhere else.

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